How to Play Online Bingo

Even though bingo is a game of chance and winning is usually dependent on luck, there are a couple of effective ways that can significantly boost your odds of winning at big bingo sites like Heart Bingo. So, if you want Luck to keep knocking on your door whenever you play bingo, keep reading!

90 Ball Bingo

There are many different types of bingo played online, but 90 Ball Bingo is the most type the UK. Compared to its counterparts, the layout patterns vary, and as a result, it has quickly become one of the most popular bingo games played worldwide. Here’s how to play online bingo of the 90 Ball variation;

How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

You’ll receive a 27 square grid card with 3 rows and 9 columns. In every row, there are 5 numbers and 4 blank squares and, in each ticket, you get 15 numbers. The tickets are arranged in a strip, and there’s a collection of 6 tickets in each strip; every possible number is in the line where numbers 1 to 90 will appear. Usually, the total amount of strips you can buy is 6 which sums up to 36 tickets.

When you start playing, a caller will be calling out numbers, and you are supposed to look for the number in your card and mark it.


How do you know that you have won?
One of the unique things about 90-ball bingo is the fact that in each round of play, up to 3 different players can be winners. You can earn your payout by landing on any of the following combos;

  • One-line bingo: – includes all the numbers on a bingo ticket on any single row
  • Two-line bingo: – consists of all the figures available in 2 or 3 rows on a ticket
  • Full-house bingo: -comprises of all the numbers on all the available 3 rows on any ticket

After all the three winning possibilities have been attained, the round will end, then you can then begin your next session with a new strip. Isn’t that simple enough?

How Can You Use Online Bingo Software?

If you don’t know how to use online bingo software, don’t sweat. Here’s a quick guide describing the general procedure of getting started in an online bingo site;

  1. Go the active bingo rooms available on your favourite casino and to select a room, click on it.
  2. Buy one or several tickets by hitting the “Buy now” button
  3. In some sites, there could also be an auto-buy feature which will automatically buy the tickets for the upcoming games
  4. When the game starts, the numbers will be read by the caller software, and you are supposed to match them with the numbers on your card
  5. If you successfully match the numbers in your cards with the ones that were called out, you are the winner.

Remember, in online bingo; you can as well play in multiple bingo rooms if that’s something you can handle. And typically, after your current round ends, you can just get back to the lobby and then select another bingo room to continue playing. You will see a different countdown of the next games running in that room, and you get ready for the next round of actions.

Apart from 90 Ball Bingo, there are other interesting types of this game, and each of them comes with a tweak in the rules of play. If you want to become a pro, you should first understand how they differ, before you start looking for any online bingo strategy techniques. So, the most popular types of bingo online are;

  • 30 Ball Bingo

It is a simple game which is arranged on a 3 x 3 card with a total of 30 balls. What happens in 30 Ball Bingo is, that you play against the game. When you win, you are paid on the pattern with the highest payout that you will cover on each card.

  • 75 Ball Bingo

Here, the 75 Ball Bingo contains 5 rows and 5 columns which make it a total to 25 columns. In the board, only the centre square is left blank, and all the remaining ones have numbers on them. The bingo letters are printed at the top of the column containing specific number ranges.

  • 80 Ball Bingo

The setup of 80 Ball Bingo is comprised of cards arranged in 4 x 4 square, with each square having a total of 16 numbers. It is somehow similar to 75 ball Bingo where each card is arranged in such to show a specific number range

Top Online Bingo Strategies

Even though you don’t have complete control over the randomness of the numbers being drawn throughout the game, there are a few tips of on how you can increase your chances of playing and winning at online Bingo. Here are the most effective tips to win online bingo;

  • Know the game

Before you get into playing competitively, one of the most obvious tips to win online bingo is to get to know the game. You should find out all the winning combinations for the game, take a look at the arrangement of cards and practice as much as you can.

  • Play in rooms with few participants

In most online casino games, the more the players involved, the more the possibilities of increasing your winning chances. Unfortunately, this is not the case for bingo. Instead, your goal should be to play in rooms with as little competition as possible, and by doing this, you increase the chances of you being the winner. The best time to play is during the weekdays on the odd hours when only a few people are available to play.

  • Play with many cards

This is one of the most popular online bingo strategy techniques, and it involves buying as many cards as the game allows to increase your chances of winning. Furthermore, it is better to buy more cards at a cheaper cost and to have a better shot of winning the prize, than to buy one card that earns you a higher prize that’s much harder to hit. For instance, if one card is called out and you have one card with not matching combinations, you are done; but if you have multiple cards, you will still have a shot at winning because you are still in the game!

  • Try and use online bingo strategy systems

Wondering how to play online bingo like a pro? Well, there are two main online bingo strategy systems that can improve your chances of winning in the game, based on simple arithmetic. They are;

Granville’s Bingo Strategy System

A mathematician named Joseph E. Granville invented this system. He theorised that there are patterns that apply to every bingo game. Through probability, he determined that the figures that are always called out have dissimilar endings almost every time. Also, there is a sense of balance between the quantity of numbers called which are low in value and those that are high in value. Besides, odd and even numbers also must have a balance.

So, when you get a Bingo card you should make sure that you have;

  • an equal amount of high and low numbers
  • an equal amount of even and odd numbers
  • the same amount of numbers that end with 0,1 all the way to 9

Tippett Bingo Strategy System

A British statistician known as L.H.C Tippett developed this system, and compared to Granville’s this is a simpler method. After analysing the statistical data of the game, he concluded that in 75 Ball Bingo, the longer you stay playing the game, the more likely the numbers drawn will get closer to the medium number which is 38. On the shorter bingo games, the more you are likely to have the numbers drawn which are nearer to 1 and 75.

To use this online Bingo strategy to your advantage, you have to do the following;

  • When you are playing shorter bingo games, you should buy cards with numbers closer to 1 and 75
  • If you are playing longer bingo games like Blackout Bingo, buy cards that have numbers closer to 38.

As you can see, answering the question of how to play online bingo is not that hard. All you have to do is dedicate some time for research and learning about tips to win online bingo.


The following are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about how to play online bingo.

Is there a bingo bonus currently available?

Yes, in many bingo sites across the UK, you will find different bingo bonuses available for players

Is there a bingo software download necessary to play bingo online?

Yes, and no; there are both instant-play and downloadable bingo software available online. So, you are the one who should choose how you want to play.

I have a problem with my bonus or bingo game, what do I do?

If you have any problem, you should contact the customer support of the bingo site you are playing.


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