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WinStar Promo Code

WinStar Casinos has been a popular venue for customers throughout the United States. Now, thanks to their entrance into the European marketplace, players from the United Kingdom can enjoy a host of benefits. One of the most interesting rewards involves a WinStar promo code, that provides a competitive welcome bonus for new players.

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This promo code will be immediately added to one’s account once players have registered. Let’s take a look at how the WinStar promo code works so you can take advantage.

About the WinStar Promo Code

As you might have already expected, there are a handful of prerequisites which must be met before you will be able to claim the WinStar promotional code and its rewards. First and foremost, all players are required to be at least 18 years of age and they need to supply a valid email address (this address is used during the account verification process). They will also be asked to provide their legal first and last name along with the relevant payment details (such as an electronic bank transfer or a credit card).

Please keep in mind that this WinStar promo code is only valid for 30 days, so you will need to use it within this time period or it will expire. It is also only valid for those who have never registered with this casino in the past. While there is a maximum deposit, players do not necessarily have to contribute this much. In the same respect, any deposit over bonus amount can also be made although the initial matched bonus is only equivalent to the initial maximum bonus. Please keep in mind that a minimum deposit of at least £10 pounds will need to be deposited in order to access this promotion.

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Winstar Promo Code Games

WinStar Promo Code Wagering Requirements

There are several wagering and betting requirements associated with this WinStar promo code. First and foremost, 45 times the initial bonus amount will need to be wagered in order to claim any rewards (45x). Additionally, the maximum amount of any bet must not exceed £5 pounds. Any winnings associated with wagers over this limit will not be counted. They will also not impact the wagering requirement mentioned above. There are also specific categories of games which will contribute more towards the WinStar promo code and its associated bonus. They are outlined as follows:

  • Slots: 100 per cent.
  • Keno, roulette and fixed-odds games: 25 per cent.
  • Poker, craps, baccarat and blackjack: 10 per cent.

Other platforms such as skill games or slots with additional gambling options will not be included within this WinStar promotional offer. Some examples include (but not limited to) 3 Wheel Roulette, Roulette Royal, Pro Blackjack, Draw Joker Poker and Burn the Sevens. In order to determine which other games may or may not fall into the category, it is always a good idea to carefully read the terms and conditions.

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WinStar Promo Code Terms and Conditions

It is a good idea to take a look at the terms and conditions associated with the WinStar promo code. As you may have already imagined, this sign-up offer can only be used a single time within a household. It is also not possible to withdraw any winnings as a result of this promotion until the 45x wagering requirement outlined above has been met. Even if you have enjoyed winnings within the initial 30-day time period, they will be considered null and void if the wagering requirement is not complete or if they are not withdrawn before the expiry of the promotion itself. However, it is possible to request a withdrawal before the requirements have been met. In such a case, WinStar will remove any bonuses and additional winnings related to their promotional code.

E-wallets are also restricted in terms of their WinStar promo code. This includes payment carriers such as Skrill and Neteller. This is primarily because it is much easier for players to share a payment solution when using electronic wallets. However, this code is fully valid when using other formats including bank transfers and credit cards.

This bonus is limited to one individual per household (your legal mailing address). This is regardless of how many computers or IP addresses may be functioning at this location. In the event WinStar detects more than one player is accessing this promotional code, all offers will be revoked. They might also reserve the right to withhold any funds from the players is suspicious activities have been detected. Some policies which are prohibited include:

  • Anyone who might be engaging in what is known as minimal-risk betting. One example includes a player who wagers on both black and red odds when playing a round of roulette.
  • Wagers transferred from high-risk to low-risk games after a win in order to meet the wagering requirements above.
  • Placing a large “spread” of numbers when playing roulette; thus increasing the chances of a win.
  • Anyone who is suspected as acting as a part of a “syndicate”. A group of players who are looking to take advantage of this WinStar promo code through sheer numbers.

Now that we have gone through the terms and conditions as well as the wagering requirements, it is clear to appreciate why this WinStar promotional code is already proving to be so very popular with players from the United Kingdom. Thanks to a host of games to choose from and low deposit requirements, it has never been easier to experience the thrills of an online casino and even to walk away with a tidy sum of money.

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WinStar Promo Code
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